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Independent publishing is a great way to get work out into the world without waiting for the chance to maybe get an agent, who will perhaps get your manuscript read by an editor, who will think about possibly presenting the book for acquisition . . .


You write and write and write, maybe draw some pictures, cover some paper with ink, wrap it in a jacket, and sell, sell, sell.


If that’s all you did, your book might not be as great as it should be. There might be a couple of typos. Joe might be Greg in Chapter 14 (global changes sometimes pass over a chapter). The typeface might be illegible and the cover boring.

How do you keep Joe, Joe, and have the most eye-catching cover on every retailer’s bookshelves?

You need some help:

  • An editor to ensure your story flows, makes sense, and makes the most impact
  • A copy editor and proofreaders to keep those typos out and Joe in
  • A designer to create an eye-catching cover and an interior that’s a pleasure to read
  • A production resource to find a printer for your small or large print run, and/or
  • An e-book developer who knows how all the devices work and who can create or adapt a design that is an easy-to-use, attractive digital file that works (almost) everywhere.
  • Marketing and sales gurus to get the book noticed and selling like cronuts

Sure, you can go it alone. Most authors finish their book and want to get it into as many hands as possible, as soon as possible. Many think their work is pristine and doesn’t have any typos or continuity problems or misplaced character names. One or two of these authors are right. Most aren’t.

BNGO offers a guiding hand to accomplish all these tasks.

You’ve spent a lot of time writing your book.
It deserves the careful attention we can give it to bring it to the world.

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