BNGO Books

Print design and ebook development

Cover and Interior Art Direction and Design

Every book has intriguing design challenges: find or create a cover image; design the cover type treatment; choose fonts for the interior and decide on the type size that works for the audience; organize material so it makes sense for the format.

Cover Design

A book needs a cover that tells its story and makes the sale — in an instant. The cover must grab the shopper's eye, whether the book is on a table at the local bookstore or at tiny view in an online bookshelf. The design – art, type, color, mood, message — must be crafted to quickly tell the book's story.

This page showcases some book covers that BNGO art directed and designed. All are eye-catching and legible at the small, thumbnail size.

Here is a sampling of covers in various categories.

Interior Design

Typefaces might be easy to pick in a word-processing application, but an easy choice and the best choice aren’t always the same. BNGO finds the right font to go with the text and the artwork, the right type size for the audience, and the best design elements to decorate and provide reading guidance. Flip through the galleries below to see some interior designs, along with their BNGO-created covers. Click here to see samples of BNGO's typesetting and page composition work.


Dinosaur Christmas

Vampire Bats

Dracula's De-Composition Book