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Print design and ebook development

Cover and Interior Design and Layout

Even the most straightforward book has design challenges: find or create a cover image and design the cover type treatment; choose fonts for the interior and decide on the size that works for the audience; organize material so it makes sense for the format.


Here's why it’s important to work with a designer and illustrator (or photo researcher) to create an eye-catching cover that tells — in an instant — what your work is about:

When a book sits on a retailer's shelves, the cover draws the shopper's eye. The design – art, type, color, mood, message — must be crafted to tell what the book is about.

Here are some children's book covers that BNGO designed to be displayed at that small, thumbnail size.


Picture books


Boxed sets and novelites

Series (perfectly princess; secrets in the attic; spy kids (TK)