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Amazon and the reinvention of literature (gee thanks, Amazon!)

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Here's a bit of aw-shucks puffery ("I'm in the super secret Lab!") about Amazon. Question unasked: Why Not play in epub land?

Some interesting info (I like knowing that people switch hands when holding a book every two minutes).

The premise of the article is to explain, uncritically, how Amazon has gone about building its business. There is some minor hand wringing about Amazon taking over (but also this:

With physical bookstores in a state of seemingly perpetual decline, Amazon has achieved a dominant position: the company sells 40 percent of all new books in the United States, and two-thirds of ebooks.

Now, I wonder why bookstores are in seeming perpetual decline....hmmmm.)

Anyway. Some comments to the article do mention the appearance of books, how they render in the devices. Forced justified. Poor font choices.

But nothing at all about the three ton simian in the room: Mobi / KF8, the Kindle OS for reading books. No mention about Amazon's insistence on keeping its books apart from books sold and distributed everywhere else.

This isn't a bit of type-geek complaining; this is the core of Amazon's business model, and it would have been nice to hear those boyish, kindly Amazonians speak to it.