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BNGO has no control over devices created in the future.

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The release of iOS8 for iPad reminds me why I have the following clause in my contract:

Current Technology 

BNGO will create epub and Mobi files to work properly on current technology. However, BNGO has no control over devices created in the future, and so cannot guarantee that the provided epub and Mobi will function as designed now. 

I do my best to future-proof files I create, but with devices and apps being introduced and updated on a regular basis, it's nearly impossible to guess where a new version of a reader will change what works and what doesn't.

Apple has just released iOS 8, with a new version of iBooks included. I noticed that a reflowable e-book I made for Scholastic was on the iBookstore's freebie list. So, I thought I'd grab it.

But, ugh.

I installed iOS 8 on my iPad and downloaded the free book.

What did I see? Images poorly sized, images not centered, a random blank page.

Did I make a mistake in creating this ePub? I decided to compare it on this new version of iBooks to the previous version, where I knew the file worked just fine.

I opened the book on my iPhone (iOS 7); images all just fine, no blank page. I opened it on iBooks for Mavericks; same story: all fine.

Then I went to Twitter, to #eprdctn, and saw other complaining of similar issues. 

Bug reports have been filed with Apple. We'll see how quickly they remedy this; I don't want to start creating workarounds for problems that are brand-new on state-of-the-art software.